Doyenne creates the time and space where you can:

  • claim your talent/potential and begin developing it
  • take bold and daring action
  • be brave enough to articulate your dream
  • become the entrepreneur YOU want to be.

Doyenne provides the pathways women to easily access education, connections, and resources needed for entrepreneurs during various stages of their businesses.

A vision without strategy remains an illusion

We all have ideas, dreams, and aspirations to build something that will create impact. Developing a sound strategy and execution plan is the key to making your vision a reality. Doyenne helps you craft that critical first step by offering programs to meet your specific needs.


Office Hours

The Doyenne leadership team offers Office Hours where you can meet directly with experienced business leaders and gain valuable insight into your strategy and plans. Schedule your appointment now.


Coaching & Mentoring

The Doyenne network of members features a breadth and depth of amazing women who offer expertise in specific industries and technical areas. Learn more about these thought leaders and connect directly with a Mentor.



Doyenne has developed a unique and transformative professional development experience specifically designed for women entrepreneurs. Our Retreats create the opportunity for entrepreneurs, and when appropriate their teams, to work on a strategic vision and plan with input from a variety of experienced coaches from our community. Find out more about our retreats.

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it

—Maya Angelou

The Evergreen Fund

Doyenne’s Evergreen Fund is a one-of-a-kind Fund created to meet the needs of ventures based on where they are in their business. The Fund is completely funded by individual contributors, the City of Madison, WEDC, WWBIC and A Fund for Women. The Doyenne Evergreen Fund provides grants, loans and equity investments for women-led ventures based in Wisconsin. An “Evergreen Fund” is unique where all returns on investments cycle back into the Fund to be able to make further investments.

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