Doyenne Group membership is comprised of Members and Ambassadors.

Members are entrepreneurial women starting new businesses, or have been growing and guiding their businesses for years.

Ambassadors are established women and men entrepreneurs, as well as those in the business community who are looking to mentor, support, and empower early-stage women entrepreneurs.
Wherever they are on the continuum, all of Doyenne members are committed to making Madison and Wisconsin a top region for women entrepreneurs.

If you’d like to join the Doyenne community, check out our membership options or attend an event. If you’d like to reach out to a particular Doyenne Ambassador, you can explore their areas of expertise below.

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Anna Donahoe

Andrea Cooper

Kathryn Schnabel

Gauri Bansal

Preston Austin
Horizon Coworking 

Emily Bissen
Great Lakes Insurance Consultants 

Shirley Gutkowski

Molly Walsh

Libby Gerds

Bridget Krueger

Shirmiel Duncan

Jenina Mella

Rebecca Strupp
M&M Office Interiors 

Casey Plasch

Mallory Shotwell

Gillian CB Fink

Betsy Lundgren
Wisconsin School of Business 

Gina Koberle

Pam Christenson
Madison Gas and Electric 

Rachel Robinson

Emily Purdom

Becky Behling

Amy Bailey
Associated Bank 

Jennifer Javornik

Taralinda Willis

Heidi Johnson

Mark Clear

Jody Spencer

Melinda Starkweather

Madeleine Niebauer

Amber Swenor

Chelsea Prothero

Sarah Best

Margie Romani


Michelle Roach

Shilpa Sankaran

Nandita Geerdink

Erin Kohl
Madison College 

Emily Kuhn
1myVote LLC 

Ashley Powell

Rutu Bole

Kelly Hiser

Mayra Medrano
Latino Chamber of Commerce/ MGE/ A Greater Madison Vision 

Amanda Schwoegler

Michelle Hanke
PO | Coaching, Facilitation, and Consulting 

Geri Chesner

Susie Younkle
MERLIN Mentors 

Robin Lawson

Katherine Baldwin

Saideh Jamshidi

Linda Hedenblad

Allison Cooley
Effectability, LLC 

Kristina Stanley

Karen D. Orr

Ashley Gries

Angie Stone

Vicki Tobias

Kari Venteris

Gretchen Lins

Monica OConnell

Kris Baumgartner

Gregg Henning
Anchor Investment Services 

Karen F. Tardrew

Marti Ryan
Marti Ryan Consultanting 

Kristen Slack

Elaine Glowacki

Jane Clark
Clark & Gotzler 

Miranda Rochol

Sara Garnett
Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau 

Natalie Hinckley
Hinckley Productions 

Jay Handy
Walnut Capital Management 

Leah Roe

Sarah Shook

Jodi Schroll

Karen Altekruse
Executive Excellence, LLC 

Sagashus Levingston

Laura Murray
Laura Murray, Financial Advisor at Robert W. Baird 

Jillana Peterson

Catherine Garcia

Deborah Herman

Kennedy Turner

Amy Moore

Mary Romolino

Peggy Angevine
Stewart Angevine Projects 

Kelly Kutler
Organic Payroll 

Madhavi Krishnan

Tiffanie Mark
Matrix Collaborative Business Solutions 

Rachel Rasmussen
Rescue Desk Virtual Assistant Services 

Andrea Wetzel
Wetzel Creative 

Julia Arata Fratta
Wegner CPAS 

Sarah Artz

Arlene J Bollig

Julie Fisher
BetterWorld Studios, Inc. 

Julann Jatczak

Alex Lindenmeyer
Short Stack Eatery 

Ilana Nankin

Betsy Repask

Katie Yeutter

Efrat Livny

Luella Schmidt
Fine Point Consulting LLC 

Laura Gmeinder

Lisa Johnson

Jacqueline M. Mortell
Smart Solutions, Inc. 

Katie Boyce
Katie Boyce Compay 

Maureen Easton

Michelle Somes-Booher
UW Madison Small Buisness Development Center 

Valerie Hildebrandt Wulf
Director of Development, Wisconsin School of Business 

Sara Parthasarathy

Kindra Goehler
Dirigible Studio 

Liz Eversoll

Liz Eversoll
SOLOMO Technology, Inc. 

Jane Boutelle

Abby Meyer

Dirigible Studio | Madison, WI Web Developers