Strong Foundations: IP Webinar Series: Contracts

Ogden Glazer + Schaefer provide expert guidance on utilizing contracts.

Professional Development

Price: paid
Total Duration 52:40
Language: English


Strong Foundations: Contracts will discuss how to create, protect, and monetize your intellectual property.

Now that you know what intellectual property you have, you need to know what to do with it.  Contracts can help you create, protect, and monetize that intellectual property with your employees, contractors, licensees, and customers.  We will discuss:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Invention Disclosure and Assignment Agreements
  • License Agreements
  • Plus more!

Strong Foundations is a presentation series to help owners of companies build their knowledge of key legal concepts.  They can they use this knowledge to grow their companies on strong foundations.

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Strong Foundations: IP Webinar Series: Contracts