{"gender_list": [{"name": "Female", "id": 1}, {"name": "Male", "id": 2}, {"name": "Non-binary and Gender Non-Conforming", "id": 3}], "ethnicity_list": [{"name": "American Indian", "id": 1}, {"name": "Alaska Native", "id": 2}, {"name": "Asian or Pacific Islander", "id": 3}, {"name": "Black or African American", "id": 4}, {"name": "Hispanic or Latino", "id": 5}, {"name": "White", "id": 6}, {"name": "Prefer not to answer", "id": 7}], "identities_list": [{"name": "Identifies as LGBTQ", "id": 1}, {"name": "Veteran", "id": 2}, {"name": "Certified Women Owned Business", "id": 3}, {"name": "Person with Disabilities", "id": 4}], "age_list": [{"name": "Under 25 years old", "id": 1}, {"name": "25-35 years old", "id": 2}, {"name": "36-49 years old", "id": 3}, {"name": "50+ years old", "id": 4}, {"name": "Prefer not to answer", "id": 5}]}