doy·enne: a woman who is a knowledgeable, respected, prominent, person in a particular field or profession


Welcome to the Doyenne Group where aspirational, modern women come together to help drive each other forward on our paths to success. With a common goal of pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors, we are relentless, fearless and powerful. Through the Doyenne network, Entrepreneurial Members can get support as they follow their dreams to start, launch or scale their business. Community Members can support women entrepreneurs through coaching, mentoring or speaking at events.

If you are passionate about empowering and enabling smart women to unlock their potential and positively contribute to our community, join us on this journey. Join now.

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Benefit from the strategy and wisdom of an experienced network. Ignite.


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Attend events with other dynamic women and build your network, cultivate relationships, and learn from others. Connect.


Learn about Doyenne

We are audacious, this what we do and why we do it. Learn.

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