In 2016, Doyenne raised $70,790 in financial contributions as well as $52,208 as in-kind support hours from our Ambassadors which were used towards programming, mentoring and support of the entrepreneurs we work with!

Along with our financial contributions from corporations and individuals we secured another $800,000 from the City of Madison and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to be distributed through our Doyenne Evergreen Fund in 2017 & 2018. These funds will be used to provide grants, loans, and equity investments for women-led businesses in Madison and across Wisconsin.
*These totals are not used in our 2016 fundraising totals because we won’t be distributing from these funds until 2017 & 2018

The momentum we’ve gained in 2016 will make 2017 even bigger and better for Doyenne to unleash and ignite the potential of women entrepreneurs in our community

We have 32 events and programming on our calendar for 2017, with nearly half of those events are open to public for networking and the remaining programs are designed as entrepreneur professional development for Doyenne Entrepreneur Members. Our 2017 Calendar of Events will be updated on the website soon. Registration for all events will be open too!

35% Increase in Programming & Event Participation in 2016


In 2016 we had 632 participants at our 24 events, 17 businesses attend our Doyenne Retreats, and provided over 50 office hours appointments for entrepreneurs. This represents a 35% increase in attendance over 2016.

Doyenne has over 150 members

Doyenne’s membership base has continued to grow, in January of 2016 we had just shy of 100 members. Currently Doyenne has at 153 members with 75% of members being entrepreneurs and 25% business professional Ambassadors. Our 2017 membership goal is 250.

2016 has been a huge development and reconstruction year for Doyenne. We have established four committees made up of 20+ Doyenne Member Volunteers to help us continue to move forward to increase our reach within Madison and Wisconsin. We have established over 30 community collaborations and have been featured in articles and media speaking about the upward momentum and increase in economic development women entrepreneurs provide to our communities.

For 2017 we have set a fundraising goal of $250,000

The 2017 fundraising target of $250,00 will be used to continue to develop our quality professional development programming, community events, fund the operations of Doyenne Group, and (finally) hire staff!

If you or your organization would like to become a sponsor of Doyenne Group please see the additional materials below: