Happy Spring! Does it feel like Spring to you yet? I’m seriously over this gray and dreary weather! I don’t know about you, but I know it’s affecting my mood and energy level lately and I’m ready for sunshine and non-jacket season!

In the March Letter from the Executive Director I talked about building your business’s brand, this month I want to talk about alternative content for your business page and posting etiquette.

As I mentioned in last month’s post, it’s probably best practice to keep your political and religious views off your business page. This holds true unless your business is built around these topics in which discussing these topics are best practice for building your brand. You should also limit posts about your family, pets, and personal beliefs and statements, but sprinkling these posts in every once and a while to show your personality is important because those posts let people get to know you virtually, something that’s huge when trying to build a customer base.

When posting anything always keep in mind that the majority of your audience isn’t your friends and family like it is on your personal pages, this audience is made up of current, past and future clients, and they’re all watching what you’re posting to see if it aligns with who they want to do business with.


These types of posts include pictures, images and messaging around you and your team interactions. They are great for showing how you’re involved in the community, what company culture looks like, and how you interact with customers and clients. They show your professional personality and the values of your organization.

These are great posts to drive traffic to your social media pages and website. Always remember to tag individuals or organizations being featured in these posts too as they’re likely to like and share, which will potentially bring their networks into yours.


You and your team work hard to build the brand, awareness, and reputation you have within your organization, community and customer markets. Make sure you’re highlighting press you and team members receive. Articles, awards, blog posts, shout outs, etc… all of these highlight what an amazing, talented organization you are, and you should highlight these accomplishments.

Your clients and customers are your biggest brand ambassadors. When they receive recognition in the media make sure you highlight them as well. Going through and liking, sharing, and mentioning them in your posts means a lot to them and makes them feel connected to your business; they’re more than a client or customer, they’re part of your brand as well.


All of the posts your liking, sharing and mentioning people in are building your outside engagement. Building an organization takes more than just working within the zone you’re already in and waiting for referrals, if outside people don’t know about you then how are they going to learn about you?

Posting about individuals and organizations outside of your customers and clients is a way to build this outside network. Make sure you’re following people and organizations who you think of as potential clients and customers or strategic partners as you move forward. Planting the seed to these connections early may not seem like it’s making a difference now, but once you are ready to reach out it may open doors faster and greater opportunities will be easier to grasp because of the small connection you’ve already made with them.


I know most of these topics seem like no brainers, but sometimes (often times) we forget to post about the everyday moments that may seem mundane or small stuff, when actually the small accomplishments lead to larger successes. Posting about the hurdles your organization has overcome can bring new leads that you never thought of, or engage outsiders in a way you hadn’t been able to before.

My challenge to you this month is to post your simple, mundane, happy moments that occur during the day. Don’t be afraid to let your followers see your and your teams personalities. Try it, make the conscious decision that you’re going to post something that you would typically consider something people won’t be interested in and see what happens.

And tell us about it too! We love hearing about what’s going on in your organizations!!


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Hope to see you around town!