Diving deep towards transformation with our new Director of Operations

 I’m pretty sure I came into this world born with a radical soul. Since I can remember, I have been attracted to depth, asking too many questions, challenging the status quo, and speaking too brightly on the dark taboos in life.  I don’t recall ever being afraid to do the dirty work of digging down deep, towards the root of an issue, to arrive at the heart of the matter. Though I was certainly of the spirit, I didn’t consider myself an activist until 2014, when I joined the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement and became a founding member of the local Young, Gifted and Black coalition. During this movement moment, I gained life lasting love lessons and life-changing emotional scars. One nugget of wisdom that stuck with me was a powerful whisper that simply reminded me to remember, that I can’t truly be of service to others if I am not first of service to myself.

Rewinding now, about a little over a decade ago, I was bright eyed and energized as I began my professional career working with some of Madison’s most familiar nonprofits.  Including The Goodman Community Center, The Boys & Girls Club, and the YWCA. Post activism I wasn’t sure how or if I would return to the bureaucracy within the nonprofit world. But in the meantime, I got my hustle on and started Co Co Cre LLC (Connect Collaborate Create). As a strategic brand consultant I partnered with 100 State, One City Schools and Synergy Co-Working to name a few. The autonomy entrepreneurship offered allowed me to prioritize my time, which allowed me to prioritize myself, prompting me to do some much-needed personal healing.  

My healing journey has exposed layers of who I am, which penetrates far beyond my gender and race. By internally going deep, asking questions and getting to the heart of the matter, I’ve uncovered some of my favorite parts of me. The insight gained from this internal discovery process is often what attracts me to entrepreneurship, it is the same summoned magic from within, which transforms that of the daring seeker. Both paths break open whom we thought we were and exposes the truth by showing us our superpowers and our wounds. But not for nothing right ?! I believe it’s for a purpose that women are divinely designed for… to birth and create. Not just cute babies, like my daughter Alana. But also ideas, products, services, empires, organizations and new ways of being.

As Director of Operations, I bring my full self and welcome your full selves as we caucus to do the transformational work of digging deep, to summon the magic we were born to produce in this lifetime. In the coming months, I plan to familiarize myself with the existing members and develop a welcoming onboarding process for new prospects in a way that stays true to the Doyenne culture. My unique contribution will be to offer an intersectional perspective, as we organizationally revolutionize the narrative in how the feminine economy is valued, in polar co-created unison with the masculine.  I can now hear that same powerful whisper rejoicing upon my joining forces with an organization that is not only relentlessly audacious, in carrying out their mission, to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem for women. But more so in celebration in their ability to “walk it like they talk it”, through investing money in ventures owned, led, and operated by women and people of color. And that’s just one of the ways this badass organization helps women to help themselves. All toward a movement where we are trailblazing our way through Wisconsin and beyond.

Connect with Jasmine on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jasminetimmons