When you post on social media do you ever wonder who is looking at your post and what their thoughts are on it? If not, maybe you should.

I follow or am friends with many of the Doyenne members on various social media platforms and from time-to-time I get questions about how are they doing or what can they do better. As a way to try and get that knowledge to more than one person at a time, I’ve decided to make this topic the message of my letters for the next couple of months.

Over the next couple of months I am going to write about separating your personal social media from your business’s social media strategy. Each month I’ll cover what you need to consider and the steps you can take to begin separating those two.

Topics I will cover:

  • You are NOT your business’s brand…Or are you?
  • What is appropriate for your personal pages and business pages
  • How to un-blur the lines between personal and business social media pages
  • Who follows you where and how does that affect your postings
  • Maintaining your boundaries and building your audience

With each month’s letter I will include articles, graphics or other references I’m drawing information from supporting the topic and for you to look at for extended knowledge.

Doyenne is offering other ways for you to expand your entrepreneurial growth and knowledge (besides Social Media) coming up:

February has our first Doyenne Retreat of 2017. These multi-day strategic planning workshops are for taking an in-depth look at your business, where you and it comes from and how to start positioning yourself and the business to move into your next phase of success.

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There is also still time to register to be part of the Doyenne Founder’s Series. This programming takes place over the course of the rest of 2017 with 5 formal meetings and a couple in-formal coffee meetups. The Doyenne Founder Series are for your personal and professional growth as leader & founder of your company.

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Hope to see you around town!