HQ Update: Fall Cohort Program Applications Deadline Approaching

Doyenne Group, Inc., Heather Wentler

When you hear the word “invest” what other words, descriptions, emotions, stereotypes, or visuals comes to your mind?

This is who I still think of sometimes.

Mr. Monopoly, the old man who has lots of money and makes his fortune off of other people's work and scarcity mindset.

There are many ways the word “invest” can be interpreted. Through our work at Doyenne, when we say “invest” it too can mean different things.

  1. Invest = dollars from one person to another

  2. Invest = Time and energy into something that will result in success or future profits in the future

Our two signature accelerator style programs each reflect on investing meaning definition #2.

Investor Accelerator

The Investor Accelerator is a 12-week cohort style program with the main goal of introducing women to the world of startup venture investment opportunities. During the 12 weeks participants invest their time and energy into learning about what it means to be an investor, how they can become one, and what it means to their personal finances and how to manage deals as well as be an ally to the ventures you’re investing in. 

Doyenne and the Winnow Fund leverage our connections across Wisconsin and the nation to provide connections, guidance, and opportunities for participants to get connected with Angel and VC Investment Funds and opportunities to evaluate ventures and make personal deals on their own.

Our pilot Investor Accelerator cohort, comprised of individuals who identify as female/woman and live in Wisconsin, has a higher than average return number of 75% of participants who have made their first or a new investment deal in the past 12 months! 50% of the cohort also went on to be part of a Doyenne Deal Flow Learning Team to continue to ask questions about how to evaluate ventures and how to use their voices to support ventures receiving funding through investment groups they joined.

Participants’ investment of $1,500 (payment plans available upon request) to be part of the program supports their learning, knowledge growth, and confidence in leveraging their personal wealth to support startup ventures in our Wisconsin communities and their potential personal wealth for the future. 

Unlike all other programs like this across the country, the Doyenne Investor Accelerator has ZERO prerequisites to participate in the program. There are no boxes to check as far as your personal wealth, professional background, or putting money into a fund to be able to participate in the program. 

Deadline to apply for the Fall Investor Accelerator is Friday, August 19

Triple Threat Venture Training

Fall is the time to begin planning your next year’s goals and strategies for reaching said goals and performance milestones. Why do it alone when you can be part of the Doyenne Triple Threat Venture Training (TTVT) program and have others work with you in supporting your goals, journey, and success.

It’s time for you to invest in your professional development, strategic growth, and future you as the leader of the next phase of success within your venture.

TTVT’s 20-week program sounds like a long dedication to be part of an “accelerator” program. I know! I totally agree! BUT it’s not like the accelerator programs we’re used to hearing about. In true Doyenne fashion, we meet you where you’re at on your entrepreneurial journey, we factor in the various commitments, responsibilities, hats you wear, and as much as we possibly can to make this work for you.

Over the 20-weeks your approximate time commitment is about 3-4 hours per week. 

  • Most of the workshops you’re part of are scheduled based on your availability or the best possible time based on feedback from the cohort. 

  • We meet virtually for all of the workshops so you don’t need to travel

  • We get that you’re a person first, entrepreneur second. Meaning we listen, do our best to understand your lived experience, and make modifications as needed to support your success within the program

  • Life happens and sometimes we need to pivot. That can mean little things that come up during the day, or larger-scale trial and error for concepts within your venture. Sometimes things don’t work the way we expect them too: it’s important to have the confidence to do something different.  

  • Once you complete the program, you receive your $500 deposit back PLUS a $2,500 unrestricted grant to use how you see fit

During the program you also receive the following:

  • One-on-One Coaching from Doyenne Leadership, Doyenne Coaches, mentors, and contracted program facilitators (all have gone through a “Doyenne Coaching Best Practices” training)

  • A workbook and journal to support your learning

  • Weekly email breaking down what you’re to be working on, what’s coming up, and how all of us can support each other

  • Invite to a private Slack channel for support, resources, and continued conversations

  • Introductions to mentors and community members for future support as you continue your entrepreneurial journey

  • A supportive community of other like-minded entrepreneurs who know what you’re going through, because we’re all in it together

Too many times I hear entrepreneurs say “I’ll be ready for this program when I hit ‘x’ goal”. My response is always “No! You’re ready today!”. Let us support you in reaching your “x” and also your y, z, 1, 2, 3, and beyond! Do not hold yourself back in thinking you need to have it all together before you can participate in TTVT. You’re ready, and we’re ready for you!

Both of these programs will help you, me, and everyone else stop thinking of Mr. Monopoly when we hear the word “invest” and change it to people picturing YOU in their minds as someone who has invested in themselves to reap the rewards of the time, energy, and personal finances you put into yourself today.

Deadline to apply for the Fall Triple Threat Venture Training is Tuesday, August 30