June’s Note from Doyenne Group Executive Director

There are 2 primary questions I get asked when I meet with new Doyenne Group members and people in the community

1. “How can Doyenne Group help me?”
2. “How can I support Doyenne Group?”

The answers to these questions are sometimes harder to answer than any other question, and I admit that sometimes I answer with the stock/I need time to think answer of “That’s a great question” because there are many ways to answer these questions.

I’m going to try and break them down into manageable answers, but be warned that these answers aren’t in depth and you are always welcome to reach out to for clarity or more information.

1. How can Doyenne Group Support Me?
Doyenne Group supports women (and all) entrepreneurs through our 4 pillar approach (outlined below). Within these 4 pillars we bring different aspects of the community to support the entrepreneurs we work with.

There is no one way or best way to support entrepreneurs, with the exception the fact that each of entrepreneur is different. Doyenne understands this and try to offer different approaches that works best with the entrepreneurs as individuals and as business leaders. Doyenne’s work and programming is more directed towards “how does this fit into your business style” than just laying out facts and information.

2. How can I Support Doyenne Group?

I have to be real for a minute, I am always so appreciative and amazed how individuals and corporations want to support and give of their precious time so generously!

There are a few big ways you can support Doyenne Group:
(all options are open to women and men)

  • Become a Member of Doyenne Group! It’s $100/yr and you can decide how involved you would like to be when you join. Options range from being an public advocate, joining a committee, attending events, mentoring at events, joining or leading a Ninja Team, to many other options.
  • Corporate Supporter: If your business is looking to support local organizations, Doyenne Group has different levels of support. When you become a supporter of Doyenne Group it’s more than just writing a check, we want people from your business to become part the organization as well!
  • Doyenne1000: Doyenne Group is looking for 100 individuals to be the lead contributors to our Doyenne Evergreen Fund. These funds will be matched by other local sources and put money directly into the hands of women-led businesses to further their success
  • Help spread the word! Tell women entrepreneurs about Doyenne Group and how we can support them; and tell your network of how they can become involved with Doyenne Group

Doyenne 4 Pillars of Success
Visual of Pillars

  1.  Community Partnerships: There are many corporations, organizations and individuals looking to support you and your business. Our partnerships in the community are the source for our Ambassador and Mentor networks.
  2. Visibility of Businesses: You work really, really hard at running your business, we want to help you celebrate your successes and advocate for you in the press and media by sending your press releases and requests to our press and media partners.
  3. Develop the Entrepreneurs:
    As you move through phases of running  your business you grow and change as a person and leader within your business.

    • Doyenne 5x5x5 5 women-led businesses, each give a 5 minute pitch, one receives a $5,000 grant 
    • Doyenne Retreats Multi-day strategic planning workshop for you to take your business to the next level of success (launch through exit)
    • Doyenne CEO & Business Development Courses Quarterly workshops tailored around areas within a common theme. Presenters break down different areas of running your business and mentors are available to help figure out how it works within your business
    • Doyenne Connect Events Monthly networking events to introduce you to Doyenne Group leaders and the monthly Featured Doyenne Member
    • Ninja Teams Session of 5-8 business professionals looking to support an entrepreneur through giving advice, mentorship, make introductions, help overcome a problem
    • Accountability Groups Monthly meetup for 5-10 women to empower each other as they grow their businesses through support and encouragement and hold you to your goals
    • Mentor Match Entrepreneurs are matched with 3 potential mentors based on what they’re looking for 15 minutes each to create lasting mentoring relationships
    • Mentors Comprised of Doyenne Ambassadors and Community Partners dedicated to supporting you and your business
  4. Fund the Ventures
    Doyenne Group is creating the first Doyenne Evergreen Fund to put dollars in the hands of women entrepreneurs. This Fund will be able to disburse dollars as grants, loans and equity investments.
    Doyenne also collaborates with local and national funding agents to make sure women are sourcing and receiving the dollars they need to continue to move their businesses forward.


Thank You!
Heather Wentler
Executive Director of Doyenne Group, Inc.