“30, 60, 10” Do you know what those numbers stand for? No they’re not random sports numbers, they’re numbers for the percentage of types of content you should have going out in your social media posts.

Do you ever wonder how much posting is appropriate, when to draw the line at how many posts you have going out in a day, and when you’ve reached overkill on posting?
I do, and if you follow my personal pages on social media platforms you know that I don’t post much…
I also worry about other’s posting though when I scroll through and see post after post of statements and questions or what they’re doing at that moment, and get the feeling that they’re using social media as a talking to their pets when no one is around instead of using it as a tool to move their business brand forward.

In the last few month’s posts I’ve discussed how to build your brand on social media, how to build your audience, and how to build content related to your business and brand. To bring all of these messages full circle, I want to “talk” about the 30, 60, 10 ratio so that now that you’ve built your audience, here’s a way to keep them engaged and looking for more content from you. This ratio will also help you in planning your Social Media Calendar.



Posts that fall into this category relate back to letting your audience know who your business is, what it does, and why they should want to follow you.

  • Everyday experiences
  • Blog posts
  • Photos and videos
  • Interactions with customers/clients/community
  • Stances on topics that align with your business



These posts are content that you’ve curated, or collected, from others. They should always include a message about why you’re posting it. Your message could be as simple as an emoji, an agreement or disagreement statement, or a reply to the original post.

  • Links to content related to you (ie: retweets/shares)
  • Stock images that relate to your brand or help spread the message of the brand
  • Collaborations and partnerships you have
  • Anything that directly relates to your brand, mission, culture, community, or industry



These are your Call to Action or promotional posts. You should be posting the least amount about these topics, because you know how it feels when you see all of the ads in your media feeds…You audience feels the same way and you could potentially be making them want to tune out or unfollow you.

  • What do you want people to do?
  • Event or class/workshop promotion
  • Donate to your cause or one that your business supports

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I highly recommend you utilize a platform for posting on social media such as Hootsuite, coschedule, Buffer, or Everypost. All of these let you schedule you posts to maximize your engagement with your audience.



I can’t answer this question for you.
If you don’t already, start watching your analytics around your posts and pages to see how or which posts people are engaging with the most. You can then begin to focus on posts like those. I came across this article the other day about building your post frequency and found it helpful.

You could also utilize the standard daily #hashtags to help make it easier to cultivate posts every day. Those #motivationalmonday and #finallyfriday posts are sometimes exactly what people are looking for. Or you could start creating your own daily hashtags and building a following around them, don’t like #wcw (women crush Wednesday) make it something that you do like, and relates to your business. Or create a new meaning for it, instead of posting women we admire or have “crushes” on, instead have posts about women who are dominating their industries and breaking glass ceilings for the next generation.

All of these posts from the past three months have been to help you think about how you currently engage with, and how to build your current engagement with followers on social media. I hope that they have helped you, or at least have given you something to think about as you continue to go forward in the future.



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Hope to see you around town!