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Colleen Robinson of nature's good company, llc

Nature’s Good Company nurtures your body’s healing connection with nature. We help employers provide relief for their teams from stress, overwhelm, and work-life balance in a troubled world. We support and empower people like me, whose physical ability to be in nature has become restricted. We all have resources around us to help lower blood pressure, reduce the production of stress hormones, and regulate our nervous system. In our busy world, you may not recognize these resources, or know how best to access them, as 90% of our time on average is spent inside with more than 11 hours per day in front of a screen. Through gently guided walks and other movements, nature retreats, over-the-phone meditation sessions, and in-office solutions, you learn how to create a personalized, supportive practice for when you need it most. People leave our experiences feeling more peace, gratitude, awe, confidence, and overall wellness. And best of all, they have tools to keep it going. We strive to improve environmental care and interpersonal relationships too, which are benefits of this work reaching far beyond personal wellness, for the good of all. My goal is to provide ½ to 5-day nature retreats for people who thought they couldn’t get out into nature anymore at least 8x per year. I want to partner with 10 small business owners, and corporate clients per year, on programs to relieve workplace stressors and increase feelings of fulfillment. My big dream is to own an accessible property to host some of these programs from where I live.

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