We all talk about the many hats women wear between work and personal life. But what about the faces we have to wear while wearing each of those hats?

How do you balance the many faces and hats you wear? And, more importantly, who in your life do you feel you can take those faces and hats off in front of and truly be yourself?

As a leader of your business you probably have to act like or be the person and leader for the different people you work with and represent.

-Your employees need the leader who sets the standards and shows the way while also empathizing with their
-Your team or co-founders are still trying to figure out who does what and how to keep the boat afloat.
-Your funders who want you to “show me the money”
-Your customers who are trying to decide if you’re selling snake oil or something that will make their lives better
and easier.

I’m sorry to say, there is no one right answer to how to be the best leader for all of these scenarios. But I will let you in on a secret, you already have one of the best tools ever, your intuition or “gut feeling”. You know what I’m talking about, that voice inside you telling you what you should do and you sometimes try to silence because you second guess yourself (Nod your head yes because we’ve all done this)

Amy and I have said this before (and sometimes even we don’t listen to that voice) but I’m telling you that it’s important to listen to yourself. Your mentors, team, stakeholders they all have every right to lend their thoughts about how you should lead, but remember that you know your company best and your inner voice can be trusted and come out!

Please remember that if you need someone to bounce ideas off of, or just an impartial person to listen, Amy and I host Office Hours for ANYONE to sign up for. Or if you have specific questions to help you while you lead your business, you can email me and I can connect you with Doyenne Ambassadors or other community partners to work with you.

Hope to see you around town!