TTVT Participants

Colleen McBride

Doyenne is highlighting the participants of the TTVT program. Stay tuned for future updates which will highlight more members of the cohort.

Nikyra McCann

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Nikyra McCann is a motivation speaker and rehabilitation worker known by her Venture Still Standing Enterprise LLC. Her venture represents courage, inspiration, and resilience. Still Standing has a mission of unity in the world for the betterment of all, inspired by Nikrya's personal story which motivated her to find better mental health resources for those in need. She wanted to start TTVT to become a better businesswoman but also grow as a whole person. She loves the impact that Doyenne has had on others and is glad to be a part of the training program. She is learning that she has come a long way and still has far to go, but has the motivation to continue to strive for Still Standing to be a brand of empathy and compassion.