Lady Business Podcast S1 Ep13: We Just Anticipated The Wrong Problems

Season1 Episode 13: We Just Anticipated The Wrong Problems


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Molly Walsh & Libby Gerds are our next guests on the podcast. They are the founders of Groundwork Events and discuss how they maneuver business and friendships while being co-founders.

Groundwork Events works with companies, nonprofit organizations, and community members to strategize and execute events and special projects. With project management as a Groundwork specialty, our team can handle all aspects of events and projects or can serve as a consultant when you need a fresh perspective. We have experience developing new programs and setting up operations for small businesses, coordinating multi-day, multi-event festivals, and starting a successful statewide awards program from the ground up. Using our decades of experience in developing and executing campaigns and events of all sizes, our passion is in the details.

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LBP Episode 13: We Just Anticipated The Wrong Problems