Lady Business Podcast S2 Ep10: Pink It And Shrink It

Season 2 Episode 10: Pink It And Shrink It


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Anastasia Kraft was tired of bulky, manly steel toed boots. The only options she had other than butching it up was the industry’s solution of making shoes designed for men, smaller and pink. She saw the problem and met it head on, so she founded Xena Workwear! (Insert Xena Warrior Princess war call here)

About Anastasia Kraft:

“My background is in mechanical engineering and project management. I speak four languages and love working on international projects in a fast-paced environment. As a project management consultant I helped project teams succeed in delivering critical multi-million dollar construction, manufacturing and event planning projects. While I LOVED working with my teams in the manufacturing environment, there was one aspect I truly hated: my bulky and manly steel toe boots. After years of frustration I decided to solve this issue by designing and manufacturing fashionable steel-toe footwear for women so that they can finally dress like the professionals they are!

In my free time I volunteer as a board member for a non-profit called “Feeding Mouths, Filling Minds” which establishes sustainable water and food supply systems in Western and Eastern African countries. Apart from my non-profit work, the causes that motivate me include sustainable development, education and maximizing the opportunities for women in STEM.”

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LBP S2 Ep10: Pink It And Shrink It