Lady Business Podcast S2 Ep4: I Was Created To Do What I’m Doing

Season 2 Episode 4: I Was Created To Do What I’m Doing


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In this episode we chat to Tyshun Wardlaw of Wardlaw Productions. We learned so much about her entrepreneurial journey at Startup Week Milwaukee and are excited to share it with you in this episode.

Tyshun Wardlaw is the CEO of Wardlaw Productions, a start-up, and boutique multimedia production company located in Milwaukee, WI. Wardlaw recently directed and produced, her first short film, “Hummingbird: A Sister’s Courage.” The short narrative drama depicts a woman who goes undercover to rescue her teenage sister from a human trafficking operation. Wardlaw was also named the winner of the national McDonald’s “My Community” Video Competition at the 2016 American Black Film Festival for the creation of a 90 second short film.After graduating from Santa Clara University with a B.A. in Business, Wardlaw relocated back to the Midwest and then earned a Master’s degree in Business Management. She has over 10 years of broadcasting and television experience and is the director and executive

producer of the documentary series, “Growing Up Milwaukee”, because behind every statistic is a story. The documentary series will document the stories of three inner city youth growing up in Milwaukee who struggles with the daily dilemma of growing up Black and avoiding becoming just another statistic. The film is currently in production. Wardlaw is also engaged with building communities through video partnerships, with a goal of empowering youth and communities to tell their own stories through the lens.

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LBP S2 Ep4: I Was Created To Do What I’m Doing