Lady Business Podcast S2 Ep6: I Decided, I’m Going To Love Myself

Season 2 Episode 6: I Decided, I’m Going To Love Myself


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This week we talked to Alseia Miller of Soul Brew Kombucha.

Soul Brew Kombucha is a refreshing probiotic beverage packed with soul stirring health aids to heal and balance the body, and mind.

Alesia is an entrepreneur from Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a true passion for brewing and educating on the powerful benefits of Kombucha. Her mission is to create culture for better health. She is a conscientious herbalist and brew mistress using the finest ingredients and insisting on high quality. Each brew is skillfully crafted in small batches to ensure its full bodied integrity in every sip. Her Sparkling Kombucha tea is like none other on the market. Alesia prides herself on creating exquisite flavor profiles that tantlize and tickle every taste bud with pleasure.

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LBP S2 Ep6: I Decided, I’m Going To Love Myself