Lady Business Podcast S3 Ep9: Let Us Roll Up Our Sleeves And Figure This Out Together

Season 3 Episode 9: Let Us Roll Up Our Sleeves And Figure This Out Together


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Holly Williams is the VP of Customer Success for Highview Solutions.

Holly Williams is an Information Technology professional with over 20 years of experience in managing projects, delivering results, solving business challenges in various positions and industries. Recognized for strong business acumen and thinking outside the box to reach optimal results. Adherence to project and contract planning development, schedule management, change management, and quantitative risk analysis. Ability to manage and collaborate with geographically dispersed and cross-functional teams. Strong commitment to performing at the highest level of potential to exceed all goals and objectives that contribute to the success of the company in terms of scope with quality, cost and time.

‘The Family Bonding’ world event, is how I’ve decided to refer to COVID-19. This has surprisingly brought our team closer and has forced us to become even more creative. It’s very important for us to NOT lay off any of our team members and to figure out how to stretch our runway as far as we can. We have taken advantage of the SBA loan programs and we have also signed up for the Facebook Small Business Grants Program.We even kicked off a campaign offering our Blockchain solution for free for 3 months; we did this so that we could be part of the solution and help companies as they scramble with limited resources and defining new norms on how to be efficient and productive. Each day our focus is really how we can be of service to our customers and to our community offering assistance any way that we can.

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LBP S3 Ep9: Let Us Roll Up Our Sleeves And Figure This Out Together