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This course supports the 12 week Investor Accelerator program
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By participating in Doyenne's Investor Accelerator program, you have access to all recorded workshops, webinars and course content listed here. Content will be added regularly throughout the program. 

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Investor Accelerator: Being An Investor Workshop
Investor Accelerator: "Being an Investor" Workshop Slides
Investor Accelerator Workshop: Deal Flow
Investor Accelerator Deal Flow Slides
Investor Accelerator: Investment Manager Panel Discussion (2021)
Investor Accelerator: Investor Rights Workshop Video
Investor Accelerator: Investor Rights Slides
Investor Accelerator: Neider & Boucher Slides
Investor Accelerator Webinar: Angel vs. Syndicate vs. Individual Investing Options
Investor Accelerator: WEDC Slides
Investor Accelerator Webinar: Wisconsin State Resources & Tax Advantages for Investors (WEDC)
Investor Accelerator Week 5 Vocab Primer
Investor Accelerator Vocab Primer Slides
Investor Accelerator Webinar: Equity, Notes, and Safes
Investor Accelerator: Cap Table Slides
Investor Accelerator Webinar: Cap Tables
Investor Accelerator Webinar: Losses & Gains
Investor Accelerator Intro 2023
Investor Accelerator Workshop 1 2023
Investor Accelerator Workshop 2 2023
Investor Accelerator Workshop 4 2023
Investor Accelerator Intro 2023
Investor Accelerator Workshop 1 2023
Investor Accelerator Workshop 2 2023
Investor Accelerator Workshop 3 2023
Investor Accelerator Workshop 4 2023
Investor Accelerator Workshop 5 2023

Heather Wentler

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Heather Wentler is an advocate for individuals who identify as female are strong, independent individuals capable of success. Professional trained as an educator, Heather pivoted into entrepreneurship as the Founder of Fractal, Madison SOUP, and is the Executive Director and Co-founder of Doyenne. She serves on various organizing committees, advisory boards, and has membership of organizations committed to advancing recognition and possibilities for women and girls.

Richelle Martin

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Richelle is the founder and Managing Director of the Winnow Fund, an early-stage venture capital fund investing in Wisconsin-based startups. Richelle is originally from Milwaukee but has been in Madison for over a decade. She moved here to attend the University of Wisconsin Law School, which is where she first started working with entrepreneurs, through the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic. She briefly practiced in other areas of law, but missed the excitement and ambition of her startup clients. Richelle found her way back to UW-Madison where she led a team responsible for negotiating research and development contracts, and administered grant programs aimed at commercializing innovations created by entrepreneurial-minded researchers. She started the Winnow Fund after recognizing she could help remove, or at least lower, some of the hurdles that may prevent entrepreneurs from pursuing their goals, like navigating the legal world, finding a capable team, and obtaining funding.