Tutorial: Doyenne Coaches Training

Set up your Doyenne Coaches Calendar
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Total Duration 38:04
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This video shows you how to set up your Doyenne calendar for entrepreneurs to be able to schedule coaching sessions with you. It also shows you where to locate information and the entrepreneur's experience schedule a coaching session.

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Coaches Training Video
Doyenne Coaches Calendar Setup

Heather Wentler

Email : heather@thedoyennegroup.com

Heather Wentler is an advocate for individuals who identify as female are strong, independent individuals capable of success. Professional trained as an educator, Heather pivoted into entrepreneurship as the Founder of Fractal, Madison SOUP, and is the Executive Director and Co-founder of Doyenne. She serves on various organizing committees, advisory boards, and has membership of organizations committed to advancing recognition and possibilities for women and girls.