Webinar: Better Branding = Bigger Business

Mary Jane Connor of Bizzy Bizzy unlocks brand strategy for building your venture

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If you're looking to grow, you likely need several, if not all, of the following: investors, employees, a business partner, vendors, and of course customers. Branding will help !Mary Jane Connor, Co-Owner & Creative Director at Bizzy Bizzy will teach you how to level up your brand to level up your business. You'll also get access to some of Bizzy Bizzy's branding activities used in their 1 Day Services to help. 

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Iso-Learning: Better Branding = Bigger Business Video

Mary Jane W Connor

Email : connor.maryjane@gmail.com

Mary Jane is creative adventurer whose primary goal in life is to do good work and have fun doing it. A true extrovert, she is energized by meeting and working with people. With 10+ years in marketing positions at small and large businesses and non-profits, from coordinator to director, and graduate work in visual communications spanning centuries and continents, she provides businesses with creative processes and concepts that consider a broad range of perspectives.

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