Webinar: CTO your MVP

Tools for getting your MVP tech needs met before you can afford someone else

Product Dev & Sales Strategy

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Total Duration 47:55
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So you have an idea for a business?  You're solving a problem and you want the world to know about it.  Next steps?  Build a landing page or show off your products in an e-commerce site, gather information on your ideal customer or build the first version of your app.  

That sounds expensive, time consuming and you don't have the funding for a marketing company or a CTO.  

Not to worry, we show you how to save time and money by introducing Free No Code Tools in your workflow.  What you'll learn:

Overview of some of the top No Code Tools

Demonstration on how to build a landing page

Demonstration on how to build an e-commerce site (optional)

Demonstration on how to build a feedback form for leads

Join Sylvia Martinez-Mullally as she introduces you to no code in this interactive session to find out more.

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