Iso-Learning: September 2023

09/14/2023 12:00 to 09/14/2023 13:00 (US/Central)

Monona, United States

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Entrepreneur’s Sandbox: Facing Endings & Honorable Closures

So much of what we talk about in the entrepreneurial journey is about growth and building. But a real and significant part of entrepreneurship is endings. Endings happen for all kinds of reasons but they can be particularly complicated for entrepreneurs. But endings can also create space for new parts of your business or your journey as an entrepreneur.

In this “sandbox” time, Marita Herkert-Oakland of Relumed, Julie Swanson of What’s Possible Now, and Myesha Thompson of More Than a Conqueror Co. will facilitate an open discussion about what endings look like for entrepreneurs. This will be a space for dialogue and exploration.



From 09/14/2023 12:00
To 09/14/2023 13:00


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