Spring 2024 Showcase

06/11/2024 16:30 to 06/11/2024 18:30 (US/Central)

Monona, United States

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Pitch night for accelerator grads

Celebrate the ventures participating in Doyenne's current Triple Threat Venture Training cohort at our virtual Showcase event. You'll hear their pitches from all participants, and have the opportunity to share your support, feedback, and expertise, as well as get to network with other attendees.


Meet the Entrepreneurs

Avid Gardeners (Cambridge, WI) 

Avid Gardener provides a community source of knowledge and products in the garden industry for customers who want to learn to grow and maintain all types of gardens and houseplants. As an active member of the Cambridge community, we bring joy to our customers who patronize our store, and across our community through our vibrant plant contributions that can be seen throughout downtown Cambridge.

Nature's good company, LLC (Middleton, WI) 

Nature’s Good Company nurtures your body’s healing connection with nature. We help employers provide relief for their teams from stress, overwhelm, and work-life balance in a troubled world. We support and empower people whose physical ability to be in nature has become more restricted. Gently guided walks or retreats, over-the-phone sessions, and in-office solutions let you partner with nature to feel peace, gratitude, awe, confidence, and overall wellness.

let's create possible (highland, WI) 

Let's Create Possible provides guidance for all kinds of organizations on their sustainability strategies, communications and storytelling.

woollets, LLC (Argyle, WI) 

Woollets LLC offers solutions for climate change conscious plant lovers. Woollets are sustainably sourced wool pellets that can be used in your garden, field and houseplants for water retention, aeration and fertilization.  Our all natural pellets are sourced from area sheep farmers, who otherwise would be contributing to our landfills. They are a more sustainable alternative to other soil amendments, such as peat and petroleum-based options.

placke organic acres (Cuba City, WI) 

Placke Organic Acres is a 43 years family-owned farm. As family farms continue to be lost at an alarming rate annually, we have diversified and are proving family farms can still be profitable. Placke Organic Acres provides vast opportunities for people to connect with local farmers, learn more about organic and regenerative farming practices, and diversify our product offerings to grow nutrient dense foods while holistically managing the land for future generations.

little light solutions, LLC (Madison, WI) 

Little Light Solutions empowers creative entrepreneurs.  We illuminate paths to success by smoothing out the chaos that comes with running a business. Drawing from 20+ years of experience, Little Light recognizes the human behind the humdrum, working directly with individuals to create tailored solutions that support their identity and lifestyle.   Little Light’s mission is to create long-lasting and positive change, both inside and outside the workplace, amplifying each person’s little light and breathing life back into their world-changing ideas. 

hire view (verona, WI) 

Currently, the employee recruitment process is slow, inefficient, and requires much time and resources to find potential candidates who often aren't well-matched for the position. Hire View AI based recruitment platform gives companies the opportunity to schedule and conduct AI enabled asynchronous interviews. The skill assessment engine of the platform grades the knowledge of teh candidate and determines his areas of strength and improvement. HireView reduces the overall hiring time by 65 %, removes unconscious bias, and thereby increasing the efficiency of the process and reducing cost of hiring.

Unmasked Ventures LLC (Madison, WI)

Unmasked Ventures LLC empowers neurodiverse entrepreneurs and individuals to harness their unique strengths and capabilities for greater personal success. We aim to redefine entrepreneurship by championing neurodiversity and fostering a culture of innovation and inclusivity. We do this by supporting neurodiverse individuals with tailored strengths-based coaching, collaborating with entrepreneurial resource providers, and detailing thought leadership on the topics of strengths, neurodiversity, and entrepreneurship.


From 06/11/2024 16:30
To 06/11/2024 18:30


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