Webinar: Getting Beyond Publicity Stunts: PR Strategy for Start-Ups

Oliva Barrow shares strategies for utilizing local media as PR for start-ups

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Total Duration 47:15
Language: English


This Iso-Learning session will cover how early-stage and emerging startups can use local media coverage to build their brand, gain credibility, and get found online. Participants will learn why local media coverage is valuable, what kind of stories local news would be interested in, and how to pitch stories. Olivia will also cover a few alternatives to working with the traditional news media that can accomplish some of the same goals.

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Iso-Learning: Getting Beyond Publicity Stunts: PR Strategy for Start-Ups

Olivia Barrow

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Olivia Barrow is a writer and content strategist, and the owner of Olivia Barrow Communications. Olivia provides ghostwriting services for CEOs and thought leaders as well as in-depth research and writing for branded blogs and publications.

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