Pitch It: Developing Your Venture's Narrative

How to talk about your venture based on the audience

Fundraising & Investing


Marketing & Positioning


Product Dev & Sales Strategy





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Total Duration 96:13
Language: English


The Pitch It course supports entrepreneurs as you're developing your venture's pitch for a variety of audiences. Through the course, we’ll guide you in how to relay your business model and opportunities for those they’re presenting to
Goals and Key Outcomes:
- An entrepreneur will be able to develop a cohesive 90 second - 10 minute venture pitch, along with supporting
documents for introducing their venture to the following audiences
General audience
Investors Partners

- An entrepreneur will have a branded slide deck for their venture to confidently use in presenting their venture

Pitch It video tutorials and downloadable document drafts to use serve as plug-in pieces of information while honing your pitch.
Each video has a general overview of what will be covered in the video and a guided walk-through of how to curate the steps to fit what you're developing.

7 video modules included in the course:
1. Introduction discussing each module and what to expect in each

2. "What is a pitch?"- When they’re used and how to craft your message into a 30-second “elevator pitch” to a 10+
minute conversation
3. Business Model Canvas or Business Plan into a Pitch - How do you start taking the pieces from how your venture
operates and who it serves and craft messaging components out of it. We’ll discuss what are the high-level
messages to make sure to include based on your audience and what’s considered too much information

4. Developing a Slide Deck vs Verbal Pitch - taking your bullet points and turning them into a full message

5. How to avoid blank stares - No one wants to have people zoning out while they talk. This module will talk about how
to develop a hook to draw in your audience and keep them wanting to hear more

6. Branding of your pitch - Visual appeal is just as important as the words you’re saying. Bizzy Bizzy will help you
discover what branding techniques you should use to appeal to your audience

7. Taking Feedback and Constructive Criticism - How to gracefully listen, acknowledge, accept and reject comments
and suggestions when it comes to you and your venture

Pitch Practice Workshops - At the end of the course, you'll be able to schedule a 45-minute practice pitch session with a
Doyenne Team Member to analyze and provide supportive feedback to the entrepreneur (no extra fee)

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Pitch It: Introduction
Pitch It: What is a Pitch?
Pitch It: Business Model into Pitch
Pitch It: Slide Deck vs Verbal Pitch
Pitch It: How to Avoid Blank Stares
Pitch It: Branding of Your Pitch
Pitch It: Feedback and Criticism

Candy Phelps

Email : candy@bizzybizzycreative.com

Candy Phelps is the founder of Bizzy Bizzy, an innovative Madison, Wisconsin-based creative company. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Candy is the creator of the 1 Day® Website and other 1 Day® digital marketing services. With more than 15 years of experience in writing, design, content marketing and web design, she has been an instructor and speaker for many organizations, including the American Marketing Association, the Small Business Development Center, Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs and many web design industry groups. Candy is the author of “Grow Your SEO: Search Engine Optimization Concepts Even Your Grandma Could Understand” and “1 Day Website: Revolutionize Your Web Design Business.”

Heather Wentler

Email : hmwentler@gmail.com

Heather Wentler is an advocate for individuals who identify as female are strong, independent individuals capable of success. Professional trained as an educator, Heather pivoted into entrepreneurship as the Founder of Fractal, Madison SOUP, and is currently the Executive Director and Co-founder of Doyenne. She serves on various organizing committees, advisory boards, and has membership of organizations committed to advancing recognition and possibilities for women and girls.

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