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All ventures require funding in order to stay open, that's not a secret. But, the amount that you require is typically larger than you feel comfortable with asking for. It's time to overcome asking for pennies and instead ask for the Benjamin's. 

Preparing for funding (and revenues) requires a lot of work and planning. It can become a full-time job securing the dollars you need to run and scale your venture. But, are you asking for enough? Whether you plan to bootstrap or be revenue-driven, crowdfund, secure banking options, or pitch to investors you will need a plan. 

Doyenne Co-founder Heather Wentler will walk through how to think bigger and feel confident in asking for the funds you need. We'll discuss:

  • How to calculate how much funding is needed for your next phase of business growth

  • How to think through the full planning process to acquire funds

  • Options for securing funding

  • How to feel confident in the ask

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