Webinar: Web3 101 for Entrepreneurs

The Future is Here! Web3 is the next version of online life
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Total Duration 49:17
Language: English


Web2 is transitioning to Web3 at an exponential rate, which won't just dramatically change our daily lives--it will also greatly impact every business in every industry. 

If you are ready to finally see what the fuss is all about (and the the heck an NFT is and why you should care!), then this webinar is for you.

Without getting too techy, you'll discover what exactly web3 is and where it's heading -- and how to thrive as an entrepreneur in an increasingly high tech world.

CrystalK.x is the host of this webinar. Her contact information is available at the end of the video for you to contact with questions.

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Web3 101 for Entrepreneurs