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Introducing the Doyenne Strategy Accelerator

03/12/2020 19:23:37 In Brick by Brick
Heather introduces the latest program offering, combining two popular programs from the past into one.

In the Spotlight: Fay Horwitt, president of Forward Cities

03/12/2020 19:25:16 In Brick by Brick
Fay Horwitt has found a powerful way to make an impact on thousands of entrepreneurs around the country by leading the country’s largest network of cities focused on advancing inclusive innovation and shared prosperity.

How women’s history month misses the point year after year

03/12/2020 19:22:44 In Brick by Brick
The narrative surrounding Women’s History Month too often misses an opportunity to energize allies in the global fight for women’s equality under the law and autonomy over our bodies.